The Path Back to Body Envy

You haven’t had a night out with your friends since you don’t know when. You’ve spent the whole day in childlike excitement sending texts back and forth figuring out where you’ll go. You head upstairs to shower and get ready when it hits you. You’re going to have to find something to wear. Excitement drains from your body. Dread takes over.

You want to enjoy going out with your friends but the time getting ready almost makes it not worth it. You spend the majority of the time trying on outfit after outfit looking for one that doesn’t cling to your pooch. You try on shirt after shirt, staring at the bulge under your shirt in the mirror, willing it back to flat so you can get dressed and get on with your night already.

Later on, sitting at the table laughing with your friends you want nothing more than to be 100% present but your attention is constantly getting tugged on by the uncomfortable way your belly is rolling over the top of your jeans and you wonder if there is a path back to body envy.

You take a deep cleansing breath trying not to feel awkward as your salad is placed in front of you while the rest of the table digs into nachos and a bucket of beers together.

At several points in the night you vacillate from wanting to take pictures with your friends to not wanting to see yourself in them then half hoping they don’t post them anywhere. You wonder again if there is a path back to body envy.

The Personal Toll of the Weight Loss Journey

We all know carrying extra weight is bad for our health and hard on your joints but it also robs us of joy on a daily basis. It pulls our attention away from that which really matters. It causes us to constantly be vigilant in our self-talk so we are not sucked into the self-loathing abyss that we are too smart to dive into. We still work on enjoying our lives but it is shattered in a way that doesn’t allow us to enjoy it to the fullest. Like looking into a broken mirror unable to find the complete view. We are left with incomplete bits and pieces.

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln

Here at Body Envy we want you to be free. To focus your time and energy on those things that truly matter to you and bring you joy. Our staff of caring and compassionate aesthetic and weight loss practitioners is here to help you find your way there. Come in for a cup of tea and a conversation about how we can get you back to enjoying life to the fullest.

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